try not to fall off

Hey love,

If you live in Montana you know how weird of a summer it has been this year. Not many days have been warm, let alone hot, so going to the lake hasn’t been an option very often. Well Saturday was one of the nicer days we have had so far so me, Blake, my sister Darby, her boyfriend Leo, our brother Ryan and his girlfriend Riley all went up to Holter Lake for the day to swim and paddle board. And of course we also brought Lady.

Blake and Lady had both never paddle boarded before so I was really excited to take them. Saturday morning we loaded up, ran to Pet Co to get lady a life jacket (she had never swam before and I wanted to make sure that when she fell off the board I could easily grab her). After getting that we picked up Ryan and Riley and were off to the lake.

Once we got there we quickly blew up the paddle boards and got into the water. Pretty immediately Blake fell off, which made me laugh way to hard, but after putting more air into the board he was set for the day. Lady stayed with me for the most part but she enjoyed jumping from board to board to see everyone and paddle around the lake. She whimpered a lot but for the most part I really think she liked it. At one point when she was with Darby she jumped right off and swam to me. In that moment my heart melted.

I have always dreamed of taking my dog paddle boarding so this was truly such a great day for me. And it was so much fun to paddle board with Blake for the first time and spend the day with him and my family. I can’t wait to go again!


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