A Weekend in Washington

Hey love,

This month I had the chance to go to Spokane for the weekend to celebrate my friend’s wedding. I had never been to Spokane before so I was really looking forward to the trip. I took my sister as my plus one for the trip and my friend Lexi was also invited to the wedding so it was going to be a great trip with great friends.

We took off on Friday and made it to Spokane in the evening. We went out for dinner at the Steam Plant where we had the most amazing pizza I have ever had. They put a honey glaze on it and oh my gosh it was SO good. I love pizza so I was all about this one. After dinner we went and got rolled ice cream which was so freaking delicious. There isn’t a place in Great Falls that makes it so I hadn’t had it before.

Saturday afternoon was the day wedding so we spend the morning exploring Spokane for a little bit. We got a quick breakfast, explored around the water waterfall,found a giant wagon and then went to Mantio Park and walked around the rose garden there. It was a full morning before the wedding.

The wedding itself was beautiful! The ceremony was gorgeous and the reception was a blast. After the reception a bunch of other friends of the bride and groom went to downtown for drinks and slowly made our way around town. We probably did more walking than sitting or drinking but we met some amazing people and made some great memories which was even better.

On Sunday morning we packed up and hit the road for home. It was a long drive (for Darby) but it was such a fun weekend. I want to go back to visit again soon.



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