One Last Summer Adventure

Hey love,

Can you believe that summer is almost over? It is the end of August and we are on the edge of Autumn. I love the Fall but hate to see summer leave. When summer is reaching an end I love to get in one last adventure to book end the summer.

This past weekend my family and I went to Whitefish to take part in some zip lining. We had never done it before and we were all pretty excited to try it out. The entire day consisted of 6 different lines that started at the base lodge, took us to the top of the mountain and then back to the bottom.

Zip lining was a lot different then I had expected it to be. I didn’t get a butterfly feeling in my stomach, which I was sure I would, but instead its a weightless feeling. I did however expect the lines themselves to be longer then they were.  I felt like the rides were a lot shorter than I had anticipated. By the time I let go and got my speed up and had a moment to look around, I had to start slowing down. So I wish the lines were longer, or at least there were more than 6 (really only 5 because one is a practice line) but overall, I really enjoyed the experience.

If you haven’t gone before, I highly recommend it. We went in Whitefish and it was a really great time and the staff was amazing and so helpful which was so so great.


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