MT takes TN

Hey love,

If you follow my personal social media accounts (sydneybogden) you saw that I was in Nashville, Tennessee last week. I (and other interior designers and architects) was invited on a trip to go and tour the Crossville Tile Plant and get to see how their tile is made from start to finish. It was a jam-packed couple of days and I am excited to tell you all about it.

I flew into Nashville on Monday and landed around 1:30 so after getting checked into my hotel room all of us went down town to get a late lunch. We ate at this southern BBQ place called Pukket’s and it was such good southern barbecue food. From there we made our way to Broadway and really hit the town. After a few drinks at different bars we went to dinner at George Jones and following that a group of us bar hoped all night long and really took in as much of Nashville as we could. I couldn’t even tell you where all we went that night. When you’re trying to take as much in as you can, you kind of forget what all you’ve done haha.

After a long but FUN night, we took the next day to travel 2 hours across Tennessee to go to Crossville for the tour. It was so fun to see how the tile was made and to see it literally start as a pile of dirt (clay) and get turned into tile. It was such a great learning experience and I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn all I did about the tile making process.

After leaving Crossville we went to dinner at The Standard and it was such a beautiful home to be in. It is the 275 year old home that has only been owned by 2 families in that long of a time and is now this gorgeous restaurant. We got to be in a private room for dinner where a local artist (Morgan Alexander) played for us. It was such a cool experience to be there and to get a taste of Nashville.

After dinner we hit downtown one last time and did it up hard. We went anywhere and everywhere. We danced in the rain storm and got drenched but had so much fun. The group from Montana that was on this trip was the best group to be with. So glad I got to meet them all.

And after a long day of travel (18 hours – not kidding) I made it back home and was back to work the next day. Nashville was so much fun though and I am already wanting to plan another trip because the 2 days I was there was not enough.

Thanks for reading!


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