Moving is Hard. Leaving is Harder.

Hey love,

As you know by the title of this post, I am moving! I bought a condo back in March and I am finally moving in this weekend. And as excited as I am about moving in and having my own space to do with what I want, I am also pretty sad to be moving out. These past few weeks I have been slowly packing my room and the more I pack, the more I pack the weirder it gets to be packing. There are things I will miss about living and home, as well as things that I won’t so to keep this light hearted and to stop myself from crying (just kidding, it’s to late, I’m a mess) I am going to make a list of the thing I will and won’t miss.

Won’t Miss

  1. Arguing with Darby in the bathroom every morning because we both have way to much crap and not enough bathroom.
  2. Having to wait for Ryan to get out of the shower because he takes the worlds LONGEST showers.
  3. My dad telling me to clean my room when there is simply one shirt on the floor.
  4. My parents waking my up on the weekends by their morning chats before my dad goes out to work in the morning.
  5. Having to get my dad a soda, or his glasses, or phone out of his office because he is in the living room, even though I am also in the living room and perfectly comfortable on the sofa
  6. My dad saying “while you’re up can you get me *fill in the blank*” even though I am not up but now have to get up to get him *fill in the blank.*
  7. Opening the fridge to see 3 ketchup bottles and no milk. Oreo’s and ketchup do not go well together.

Will Miss

  1. Being all cozy in my bed at night and yelling at my mom asking her to bring me water, and she does it because she is the best mom in the world. And I know there is no way Darby will walk up two flights of stairs to bring me water.
  2. Playing basketball most nights out on our court, even if I do suck, it is still fun.
  3. My dad killing ALL the spiders in my room because they are gross and I hate them and he kills them and now I have to kill them myself and that really sucks.
  4. My mom not only always getting me what I need but also always being there for me.
  5. Playing fetch with Jerry every morning before work and playing with Ben before I leave for the day.
  6. Talking with Ryan about different TV shows we are watching
  7. Our sofa. It’s the most comfortable sofa and is perfect for Sunday afternoon naps. If my new sofa is not as cozy I am going to be very sad.
  8. The sound of cow’s mooing. There is something soothing about it. Except when they moo for no good reason and for hours on end. Then it’s just annoying.
  9. Making my mom and dad watch scary movies and making my mom scared for the rest of the night.
  10. The endless football documentaries I have watched with my dad, I couldn’t tell you what they were about but I enjoyed watching them.
  11. Teasing Ryan about.. well a lot of things but it’s all in good fun.
  12. Pepay my cat. Even though I am allergic to her I will miss cuddling with her and then sneezing the rest of the day.
  13. Hearing the funny conversations my dad has with himself, and the random sounds he makes, and catching him being all cute with the kittens that he “hates.”

I could add so much more to this list but not only am I a wreck at this point but I also need to finish packing. I will be sharing photos of my condo soon so stay on the look out for that!

Thank you for reading.



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