Growing in Patience

Hey love,

I wanted to share with you something that God has been laying on my heart.

Lately I feel like God has been walking me through a season of growing in patience within myself, with others and learning to be more patient with things in life I can’t control. It has been difficult at times and it seems like the more I have been aware to be patient the more impatience in people I have seen.

This past week while driving to and from work, running errands and simply driving around in town I have noticed one thing about many of the other people on the road. Impatience. On multiple occasions this past week I have been cut off in unnecessary places and honked at for unreasonable reasons.

In Great Falls there is an exit that takes you off of 10th ave N and into Market Place (a shopping center in Great Falls). Now just before this exit is a light and to keep things simple if you are in the right lane the odds are you are planning to take the Market Place exit and if you are in the left lane you are most likely leaving town.

Multiple times this week I would be in the right lane, planning to go to Market Place, and as the light turned green and I get through the intersection I would get cut off by someone who was in the left lane. This just baffles and frustrates me because I just don’t understand why people can’t wait in the lane that leads to where they need to go, instead of cutting multiple people off because they couldn’t wait an extra minute to get to the Market Place area. Does anyone else feel the same way? This is one of my biggest pet peeves so when it happened to me 3 times in one week I started to get even more annoyed.

And then yesterday while driving in town I get stopped at two stop lights and the second and I mean THE SECOND the light turned green I got honked at for still being stopped. My sister was with me at both times so she knows and can account for the fact that the light had just turned green and I hadn’t had anytime to start to drive before I got honked at. I just couldn’t believe it.

And these reasons are why I became motivated to write this post. I think it would do use all some good to become more patient. Just wait in the proper lane to take the appropriate exit, give people 2 seconds to start up at a green light, and just be aware of the fact that there are other human beings that are being affected by your actions. Wait in your lane for an extra minute isn’t going to make you late to anything and if it does then you should leave sooner. And waiting 2 seconds at a green light really won’t make you late for anything.

And through this I have learned to become more patient as well as I know I can’t control what happens to me but I can control how I let it affect me. Learning to take a deep breathe when I get cut off instead of becoming frustrated is something I am working towards doing to become more patient. And this applies to any situation where I get annoyed with something I can’t control.

If this post is simply me just venting then so be it, but if you agree with this or are feeling convicted yourself then lets take this opportunity to learn to become more patient with one another. You don’t know when your time on this earth is going to end so why rush through it? Take that extra minuet to jam out to your favorite song, be kind to others and I promise you, you will have a better day and outlook on life.

Romans 12:12

Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.

Thank you for reading.



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