oh the places you’ll go

Hey love,

Another adventure was had this weekend in Whitefish, Montana. My sister, our friend Molly and I took off Friday after work to Whitefish to spend some time with our friend Sarah, visit with a few other friends who live in the area, do a little shopping and of course, go to church.

We got to Sarah’s house around 9 pm and shortly after we got settled, Just Dance was put in and we started to play that with her son Zander. Darby and I used to play this game ALL the time so it was fun to play it again, especially with Zander who is pretty good. We continued to play Just Dance with Zander worked on the birthday cake he was making for his mom because that night we were also celebrating Sarah’s birthday. A handful of games later we ended Just Dance and just talked, caught up and ate some cake. It was quit delicious and I am craving it as I type.

Saturday morning we woke up early, got ready and went to downtown Whitefish for breakfast, coffee and shopping. I love all of the stores in Whitefish so I have a blast just walking around looking at different things. Even if I can’t afford a $545.00 cardigan, it’s fun to look at them. Haha! After a while we went into Kalispell and did some shopping around there and I found a few things for my house.

At 4, church started and we were there to worship and hear God’s word. And what a good word it was. We are in a series of messages at Fresh Life called “Rumble Strip” and this weekend we learned about how your conscience is the rumble strip inside of you and how if you ignore it, the harder it is to hear it. It was powerful.

After church we went to dinner with Sarah and had a little bit of a girls night followed by a movie at her house. It was a very relaxed and laid back evening which was perfect. Sunday we had another early morning, breakfast downtown and then went back to Sarah’s before we left for home. My sister, Sarah and I did a Facebook Live video in which we talked about our friendship and how things in our lives are intertwined. It was a fun way to share with multiple people our friendship and career paths.

We left shortly after that and after a 4 hour car ride home (thank you Darby for driving both there and back) we were home. It was an extremely fast but extremely fun trip to Whitefish and we are hoping to be there again this summer to be able to do some hiking when it is a little nicer out. AKA, no snow.



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