If it Doesn’t Nourish Your Soul, Get Rid of It

Hey Love,

Today I was reminded of one of my previous blog posts, “Call Me, Beep Me, If You Wanna Reach Me.”One of the ladies that is a member of my church in Kalispell posted on Instagram about unfollowing people that don’t necessarily make you feel great about yourself or make you feel small. I had to respond to her because I do this all the time. About once a month I purge my Instagram and unfollow anyone who makes my confidence crash, doesn’t influence me in a positive way or even makes me think my style needs to change.

I understand and know that this is not in anyway their fault. They are freely able to post and share anything they want, it’s how I let it affect me that becomes the problem. I let their posts affect my soul. I see a post of someone with the “perfect” body and get down on myself. I see someone with the cutest home and think “ill never be able to afford that.” I see girls with the clearest skin and become so envious of them.

When these petty things affect me and make me feel small, I choose to unfollow them. Once I do, and I don’t see their posts anymore I start to feel better, which is actually very sad to me. We shouldn’t let fake images online affect us in such a large way. When we are constantly feeding our minds with what we see online, it can start to have negative impacts on us, especially if we aren’t seeing positive posts. But if we become mindful of what we let into our souls, we can start to live better lives. Instagram isn’t going away anytime soon, so we should strive feed ourselves some positivity and follow people who inspire use to be better people and achieve greater things.

I hope this helps you to clear out any negativity in your life. I constantly tell myself “if it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it” and I think this is a wonderful phrase to remind ourselves follow people who truly make an impact in your life.



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