FabFitFun – 2018 Spring Edition

Hey Love,

It’s Spring time! The birds are out, the weather is warm and before we know it the flowers will be blooming. With a new season comes a new FabFitFun box and I am excited to share my box with you all.I got my box yesterday and immediately had to see what I got. If you haven’t received your box yet then you probably don’t want to keep reading but if you want to know what is in this season’s box then HERE WE GO!

First in the box was this very cute little “love” bracelet from Maya Brenner in Los Angeles. This was one of FabFitFun’s “pick what you want” option where you got to choose which item was in your box. When I picked the bracelet I really didn’t think I was going to like it and had planned to give it away but now that I have it I really like it. It’s so small and subtle that you can wear it with anything and it will look so nice.

The next thing was a lip palette from Ish. There are some really pretty colors in this palette from nudes to light pink colors and very bright oranges and reds. I am interested to use this because I have never used a product like this before. I am hoping they are a high pigment product and last a long time so I will report back on that at a later date.

In the other Spring boxes members got a candle but by the time my box was made they had run out of candles so as an extra gift I was given the “Whish” Hydrating Face Mist as an extra gift. I will still get a candle shipped to me when they get them in but this face mist was a nice placeholder gift that I am excited to have.

The box also had this beautiful clutch from Rachel Pally. It is reversible so you can wear it with any outfit. It is actually pretty big too which is nice because I tend to carry a lot with me at all times.

I also got this nail polish type product that helps repair damaged nails which came at a perfect time because with the changing weather in Montana my nails are all cracked and messed up so I immediately put this on to try to help. And it as a little color to it so it is a nice natural looking color when applied and dried.

This next product I am SO excited about. It is a sleep mask from Free People X Understated. When I was little I loved going to sleep with one of these because I always felt like a princess when I put it on. And when I wore this to bed last night I felt like a princess all over again. This mask is great because it is meant to be worn after it is in the freezer for 10 minuets and once on, it is cooling but not cold. It’s perfect.

The box also came with a Murad face lotion and I love trying new skin care products so trying this one out will be nice. I do however wish it was a different product because I feel like every box comes with a lotion and I think that FabFitFun could get a little more creative with their products.

Another “pick your product” option came up and for this one I picked these lip mask things from KNC Beauty. They are in the shape of lips but they are huge. They help plump up your lips and hydrate them so I am excited to use them. I tried one out last night before bed but I think the best use out of one would be before you start your day but waiting 20 minuets to do that would be a little time-consuming but I will try it out later this weekend and use it before I start my day and see how well it works.

We also got a message roller from Physique 57. It is supposed to help sore muscles all over your body so I am anxious to try it out. Yesterday was my leg day so I will be trying it out tomorrow when my legs are sore so I will have a good idea on how well it works. It is very cute though so I have high hopes for it.

Lastly, each box come with a sponsored product and this months was a sample packet of Dove Exfoliating Body Polish. I love exfoliating products so am very happy to get this product and can’t wait to test it out tonight. I really enjoy Dove products as well so to get to try out this really excites me.

I don’t know how many Spring FabFitFun boxes are left but if you are interested in subscribing click here to check it out. I love getting these boxes each season and for the most part I love the products in the box and I think you will like them too!



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