Journal Entry 2

Hey Journal,

Today I got lunch with one of my best friends in the world, Molly. She recently moved back home from Bozeman and I love it. I missed her so much so to get to see her so often now has been great. We get to get lunch together, go shopping downtown, and go to church together now and continue to go on adventures. I am so proud of all she has been doing now that she is home and the new job she has at the Rescue Mission seems to be amazing for her.

Today we talked about different things going on at work for her, the people she works with and one man who is actually one of my co-workers fathers so that was a bit of a “small world” moment. She has a really amazing event coming up for the Rescue Mission that I am hoping to attend because it seems like a great event to help support the Mission.

Getting to have lunch with her today was so fun and I am excited to be able to do that with her more often and in the future my sister will be able to join us as well. I love you Molls! And am so happy you’re home!



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