Journal Entry 1

Hey Journal,

The Cascade County Court House in Great Falls has been working on replacing the copper roof for the past 2 years and it is in the last stretch of the process. Because it is almost done and isn’t something architects and interior designers get to see everyday, my boss scheduled a tour of the roof. We got to do that yesterday.At the beginning of the tour we got a presentation about the process of installing a copper roof and how the craftsmen has to put it together. It was interesting to learn about. After the presentation and Q & A time we went up to the dome and then the roof top.

It was a lot more slick then I had anticipated. I also thought the copper would be flat onto the roof but it had a little air space in between the copper and the roof. We spent about 20 minuets walking on the roof and looking at all of the copper details on the roof and dome. It was beautiful. It was an amazing experience and something I look forward to seeing as the years go by and watch it eventually patina (turn green). I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in this once in a lifetime tour.



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