The Journal

Hey Love,

Recently I have been re-watching “The Office” and tonight I finished the series. The ending always makes me emotional but today it hit me in a different way.The character “Phyllis” said something that struck a cord with me. She said that if the camera crew hadn’t been recording everything the members of the office did, she wouldn’t have remembered most of it because she didn’t write any of it down. This got me thinking. I have this blog and I try to share the major things that happen to me and different things I do but I don’t share much of the little things. And maybe no one would care to hear about the meetings I have, what I did for lunch or who I saw on a given day but I want to remember those things. I want to have a record of different events that will make me grow into the person I want to be. So from now on I am going to share more of my day to day life and I will call that segment of my blog “The Journal.”

And if no one ever reads that part of my blog, that is fine with me. It is going to be more for me then anyone else and I am okay with that but I encourage you to start to do the same. Even if you are using your notes in your phone, an actual journal or just random pieces of paper I think you should start to document your life. What an amazing way to share your story to your future children and grandchildren.

Let me know you’re thoughts on this as well.


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