A 21 Celebration

Hey Love,

This past weekend was my sisters 21st birthday which for us and our friend group was a very long time coming. She is the youngest in the group so we had to celebrate BIG. For her birthday weekend we went down to Bozeman where our friend Shanna came in from Billings and where our other friends live as well. And as a college town, Darby wanted to experience downtown Bozeman and see what we all had been experiencing for a while now.

The Friday we got to town Shanna and I decorated the hotel room we stayed in with a few decorations. We made a hot cocoa bar with Bailey’s and such, at pizza and watched some trashy tv. Our friends Ashley and Madie came by as well and we hung out with them for a little bit.

Saturday morning the fun really began. When Darby showered I pulled out my gift basket to her filled with Gatorade, head ache medicine and a “finally 21” sash that carefully hid the Smirnoff ice that was wait for her to drink. And while she played with those things I went out the kitchen area of our hotel room (we were in a suite) and made mimosa. We then went and grab breakfast from the lobby, brought it back to our room, and enjoyed the morning with waffles and mimosas.

After we got ready for the day we went downtown to the Cat Eye Cafe where we got a very light second breakfast. We shared a ginger bread cake thing and ice cream and after that preceded back to the hotel. Shanna and I then packed up the necessary things to go to Ashley and Madie’s house to make the s’mores cake that I had planned in my head to make for Darby. She had given me an image of a cake she wanted, I had no idea how to make it, so I took that idea and made a s’mores cake. It turned out AMAZING.

Shanna and I then went back and decorated the hotel with the various things I bought and made the room in to the pretty amazing birthday space. Decorated with balloons, flowers and GOLD. Lots and lots of gold.

Later we went to dinner followed by drinks in our hotel room and then went downtown just before midnight. Once midnight hit we took Darby to some of the best and worst bars downtown and stayed out until they closed the bar down. It was a quick trip downtown but it was eventful.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at Jam where Darby was finally able to order her first mimosa there. We chatted all morning, went window shopping and then went to church. We got to see our Bozeman church family and then headed back to Great Falls. It was a jam-packed weekend full of memories.



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