February Favorites

Hey love,

It’s time for another monthly favorites post. I have a few really awesome products to share with you guys so I am going to jump right into it.

To start off, Tarte Cosmetics came out with a foundation that I am IN LOVE WITH. In a previous post I wrote about the Tarte Cosmetics shape tape concealer and how I love that product so of course the foundation would be just as amazing. It is the most full coverage foundation I have ever used and it last all day! My only complaint is that if I touch my face at all, the makeup comes off, but that has made me a lot better about not touching my face with is something I need to be better at so it has worked out well for me. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a full coverage foundation. It is amazing!

The next product is a Tarte Cosmetics product as well. I ordered the Tartiest Contour Palette about one month ago and was very excited to try it out. I believe it was a limited time product which is disappointing because I love it and want always have it but I don’t know if it will come back or not but I hope it does. (THIS JUST IN, I found it at Macy’s online so if you want to try it out, you can get it here)

Anyways, this contour palette is amazing. It defines SO well! It is seriously amazing. There is one contour, two bronzers, one blush and two highlights. And a little goes a very little way which is so nice because the palette will last a very long time. AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD. It has a sweet smell to it which is just an added touch to the product. I highly recommend this palette over any other I have ever used so you should really check it out for yourself.


I only have good things to say about Tarte Cosmetics and highly recommend them to you all.

Those are my favorite products for the month of February and encourage you guys to try them for yourselves.



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