So Many Projects, In so Little Time

As I am writing this, it is January 31st, at 9:31 pm. We are 31 days into the New Year. 31 days into the New Year and God has already blessed me beyond belief.When I graduated college and pursued a career in Interior Design, I never thought it would be so rewarding, so fast.

I started looking for a job at the end of the summer and as I called around different “design specific” (as in tile, carpet, furniture stores) stores, I was starting to feel discouraged. I came across the architecture firm, Nelson Architects. I called in and asked if they were hiring for an entry level interior designer. Two minutes later I was emailed and asked to send in my resume and portfolio and two weeks later I had a job.

I have been working for Nelson Architects for 4 months and have learned so much in that short amount of time. I have grown as a designer and individual, stretched my creativity, and have met some really great people. The blessings are countless.

There are a lot of different projects I get to be a part of that I am so grateful for. As an interior designer right out of school, I have already dipped my toes into many different fields of design. I never imagined being a part of so many different projects so fast! It’s been so amazing!

There are so many exciting things down the road that I am racing towards and when the time is right I will be sharing them with all of you. The future truly is bright and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my life. So far it’s been exciting to be a part of.

(Call Nelson Architects for all your architecture needs. Plug plug plug)


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