A Thank You, For You

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Hey Love,

I don’t know about you, but I love to send loved ones thank you cards every now and then just to show them how much I appreciate all they do for me. I have been introduced to a company that can help with just this kind of thing.Basic Invite is a company that can help you create some amazing thank you cards that you can send to your loved ones. With their 1,500 design options you are able to choose a design that also represent you and your taste. When I was ordering mine, I spent an hour and a half looking through and designing different thank you cards so I could preview them and see which one I wanted. With Basic Invite’s 180 color options, the possibilities really are limitless which is so great, but with my indecisiveness, I made a few different options to sample out.

What is so great about Basic Invite is that you are able to design your thank you cards online and order a sample of it so you can see it in person and decide if you like what you have created. They also have different paper and finish options so you can truly give your thank you cards some custom elements and you can sample it before placing your order.

You can even customize the envelope of your thank you card with 40 different color options. This adds a level of individualism to your thank you card long before it is even opened. And if you’re like me and hate licking envelopes, don’t worry. These envelopes are a peel and seal system so they will close tightly for you.

Another great service that Basic Invite has is their “Free Address Collection Service.” With this you can request your address and in three steps you will get free envelope printing. When sending out multiple thank you cards, this service would be extremely helpful.

When I was placing my sample order, another great service of theirs came up as an options. When you place your order you can use their “Check for Error” option where the team at Basic Invite will review your order and make sure you don’t have spelling or grammar errors. I love that they have this option because if you’re like me, the more you look at something the less you will see. Having someone look over your order is very reassuring.

These are a few of my favorite thank you cards that Basic Invite have. There are so many different styles, layouts, as well as fonts so the options are limitless. These few I felt represented me really well but if you have a different style, no worries! The team at Basic Invites have created a thank you card for everyone.

Basic Invite also have great products for you wedding invitations, thank you cards and wedding website needs and for all your future thank you card needs, check out Basic Invites! You will love what they have to offer.




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