FabFitFun – Winter Edition 2017

A new season brings a new box! And this box is great! Hey Love,

So the new FabFitFun box has come and it is full of some of the greatest goodies I have ever seen. I want to get right into this box because it was so good!


This box is full of so many goodies that I am excited to wear and try out. The poncho is so soft and looks very warm. It does however look like a blanket to me, not a poncho, so I don’t know if it is something I will wear to work, just on the weekend or around the house.

The exfoliate, lotion and eye-masks I am rather excited for. Skin care is my latest obsession and I love trying out new and different products so I am very excited to use these. I have already tried the eye masks and they worked so well. I think that will be a new product I use regularly.

The eye shadow is another thing I am excited to have. The colors are beautiful and it is a magnetic palette so whenever one runs out, I can replace it.

The socks that came in the box is another thing I am so happy to have gotten. I love warm socks so I am happy to have another pair. And it pairs well with the mug that came in the box. Nothing like being cozy on a couch with a hot cup of cocoa and warm socks.

FabFitFun also put a workout ball into this seasons box and it is so great. There are now workouts on the FabFitFun website and they are pretty great. They are about 15 minuets each and there is a great Ab workout that is related to this ball. My sister and I did two workouts this morning and they were both great.

My favorite product of this box was the choker necklace. I have similar ones online but haven’t found one I loved, and now I have one I really love. It goes with any outfit and is a piece that can dress up any outfit.

FabFitFun really does just get better and better each season and so many of the products they get are products I have added to my daily skin care routine and use or wear constantly.

If you want to get the winter box for yourself or the next seasons box, click here! You won’t regret it!

(photos above are from each companies respected websites, they are not my own photos)



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