BirdieBee Brand

I have to share with you guys one of my favorite new brands.

Hey Love,

So If you know me, you know I love Nikki and Brie Bella. They recently launch their new clothing line BirdieBee, and I love it. Before I wrote this I wanted to really try out the items I got and see if they are as great as I had hoped.

And they are!

For starters, the presentation of the clothing is so great. The tags on them are heavy-duty white tags with silver on the side and just add to the luxuriousness of the product. The clothes themselves are such a great product themselves. The materials they used are so soft and the designs are so cute and sexy. You can really go either way with their items.

My only complaint with this brand I have is the slow shipping time. It could have been more slow because of the large amount of orders and the company being so new but it took 2 weeks for me to get my items. But besides that, I really love the bras, underwear, top and shorts I got. They are all so comfortable and cute and that’s all I really ask for in my clothing.

I definitely recommend you check them out here!


The photo is from Birdiebee.


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