Engagement Gift

Recently friends of my got engaged and I could not be more excited for them. I wanted to get them something fun to celebrate their engagement that I could make for them. I love making people gifts that are a little more meaningful to the occasion and isn’t something that can just be found at Target or any other store.

I found this idea on Pinterest (where else) and thought that this would be a perfect little gift to send to them to congratulate them and send my love and excitement. I asked my cousin Becca for her help on it because she has a Cricket (I hope this is the right spelling) and is able to cut out anything imaginable. I sent her my Pin and she cut them out and sent me them a few days later.

I went out and found a couple wine glasses and put the stickers on the glasses. It was a lot harder then I had imagined it being because the glasses are round and the sticker is made for a flat surface. It took a little adjusting but with a careful hand I was able to get them placed onto the wine glasses.

I packaged them so carefully (as they have to be sent across the state) with tissue paper and they were on their way.

This gift was really fun to make and honestly pretty inexpensive and overall a fun way to celebrate with them even though I live 4 hours away from them.




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