Care Package

A couple of months ago, my sister and I sent our friend Levi a care package. He is in the Army and is stationed overseas so we wanted to send him our love with a couple different goodies. I want to share with you guys what we sent him so you can have some ideas on things to send some friends that may live in a different state than you.

First we got him some different candy and snacks to munch on while he is over there. I can only imagine the food not being so great so we thought some classic snacks would be much appreciated.



Then we got some different toiletry and cleaning products thinking that these kinds of products are always great to have. Knowing that these are things he has to buy while over there, we thought we would replenish is shelf.


The last thing we got him was a fidget spinner. Knowing that he missed this obsession of the world, we thought we would send him one to play with and help kill some time while he is over there.



Lastly we decorated the box with a personal touch that you would understand if you knew Levi and wrote him a little note that we put in the box as well. It made him pretty happy.

I hope this gives you guys some fun ideas for care packages you can send to your loved ones! We had a lot of fun making it and seeing his reaction to everything.

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