Fab Fit Fun – Fall Edition 2017

Okay you guys! It’s my favorite time of the year not only because it’s fall but because a new season means a new FabFitFun box!!I feel like I say this every time BUT this box really is the best box yet. FabFitFun just out does itself every season and the products they get in these boxes are just so unique and fun to get because I would never find them in any other way.

This box is now sold out and not available to get any more but I want to share with you guys what I got so you can see what kind of amazing things you can get this winter!

First off, the packaging was so cute! As always. I love the detail they put into the box itself. 22407765_10214727813298298_1020955565_n

This scarf is hands down the softest scarf I have ever felt. It is also really warm and could really be used as a blanket. My friend slept with hers the other night because it is that soft and cozy.


This mask was a product I was excited to try. It is a little odd though because it says to keep it on your face for only 15 seconds, and to work up to 2 minutes. So it is really more like a face wash, not a mask. 22386219_10214727813538304_1273150695_n

This cuticle oil is pretty great and I am excited to have it. Every winter when the air starts to get colder I get hang nails like no other, I am hoping this will help with that problem.22385312_10214727813458302_455649902_n

This heating and cooling pad is such an awesome find! You can freeze it or heat it so it can be helpful for so many things. If you have cramps, puffy eyes, a sore back, really anything this will help you out big time!22385129_10214727813258297_1141955295_n

Okay how stinkin cute is this gym bag?! I am obsessed!


This belt is so funky and I love it. I haven’t had the right outfit to wear it with but I have seen so many photos of girls wearing it and I think it is just adorable!


This jewelry holder is so fun and different! I immediately put all my earrings on it and it works so perfect to hold all my earrings.


This lip stain is pretty fun actually! The lid looks like the lipstick itself. It has a chap-stick side and a lipstick side so it has 2 benefits and I love that. I always have both lipstick and chap-stick with me so to have both in one is SO nice.22386268_10214727814698333_15763819_n

FabFitFun always adds some random sponsored product and for this box, Cottonelle wipes were the product. We got them in a previous box as well and while I don’t use them all the time, they are nice to have around when you feel like you need a little freshening up.

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If you are interested in subscribing to FabFitFun, click here and treat yourself to something sweet every season!



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