A Weekend in the Flathead Valley

This weekend my family and I ran away to Flathead Valley for the weekend.

On Friday morning we packed up and took off to Glacier with plans to spend time in Kalispell and Whitefish.

Once we got to Glacier we took the “Going to the Sun” road to go to West Glacier. Along the way we stopped to hike a little and stopped at Lake McDonald for a bit. 

After getting out of the park, we went to our hotel in Kalispell and then went to eat. After a long day we turned in for the night. The next day we walked around downtown Whitefish and then went up to Big Mountain in Whitefish to explore up there for a bit. We took a slide down the mountain and a ski lift back up. It was a fun morning. 

After lunch at Chic Fil A we did a little shopping in Kalispell and then went back to the hotel for a bit before church. At 4 we went to church at Fresh Life Church. It was an amazing service and was so great to see our church family in Kalispell. 

After church we ended up going to Flathead Lake to see some friends. My friends from back home were on their way up for the weekend so I was excited to be able to see them. We played on the water, went to go eat dinner, and went back to the lake house. After a bit, the guys and I went to Big Fork to go to “The Garden Bar” and spent the night their. 

I tried to take a cute pic by the Big Fork, then Timmy did this… hahaha.

The next morning we spent more time on the water paddle boarding and boating and by late afternoon we were on our way home. It was a packed weekend but was the best way to end the summer and an even better way to welcome Nick home as well as spending time with Timmy on his leave from the Airforce.


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