Storage Hacks!

We all want to be organized, but we want it to look cute too. Sometimes that balance can be hard to accomplish. Today I am going to share with you guys some storage hacks that I use in my house that work great and are equally as stylish.

I use both floating shelves and metal baskets to help me organize my things, while making it look really pretty as well.

I love floating shelves. I have one (not currently hanging) that I use for books and other small decor items. Floating shelves are great because they help store/hold you things without taking up floor or cabinet shape. The ones shown are used in my bathroom.

These shelves helped clear up so much cabinet space and we were able to fill the cabinets with towels and the counter top is now mostly clear.

I use metal baskets in a couple different ways. I one in my room for books and notebooks and one in the bathroom for my makeup palettes. I love how great these look and how well it works for what I need.

The best part about this storage hack is that it won’t break the bank. These products can be bought at Target, the set of shelves was about $35 and the baskets are only $3 each. For that price you can completely change a space and not spend a whole lot of money.

I hope you find these storage hacks really helpful!




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