It’s Finally Here!

I have finally received my Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe and I am so excited! 

My sister told me about this palette a long time ago and all about how Jaclyn pushed it back to perfect it and make sure everyone that wanted one could get it. At the time I didn’t know who Jaclyn Hill was or anything about this palette.

Once the palette colors were shown and Jaclyn posted a video of the colors and the story behind making the palette, I wanted to get one. This project took her 2 years and those 2 years were filled with so many different colors, samples, and packaging materials. I immediately wanted to get this palette because of how passionate Jaclyn was about making it a product for everyone, and a product that was absolute perfection, and it is.

I was so excited when I finally got it. It seemed like it took forever. It really didn’t take that long to get to me, but I really wanted to have it so it seemed like an eternity. BUT I have it and I have used it and i LOVE it.

I am now constantly watching YouTube videos on different looks so I know how to use all the colors because 35 colors is a lot and I have no idea how to use them all, but I will use them all eventually.



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