Summer Shenanigans

This past weekend my family and I went up to Holter Lake to escape the heat and have some fun. My sister Darby and friends Shanna and Molly made their way up from Bozeman to hangout with us too.

My mom rented paddle boards, packed our kayak, and lunch food and we hit the road. Once we got their my brother Ryan, our “other brother” Ty and I immediately got on the water and paddled to the rope swing. We jumped off the swing and off the cliffs and swam around.

Darby, Shanna and Molly arrived soon after and joined in the fun. A little later my cousin Luke came with his boat and we went out onto the lake. I attempted to wake board, and when I failed at that we went tubing, and then made our way to the Gates of the Mountains.

Once lightning started to strike and rain began to fall we went back to the beach and headed out. It was a great day and one of the best days I have had this summer.


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Photo by Ryan


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