The 4th of July, Camping, and Earthquakes

Gosh this first week of July has just been so crazy busy and I haven’t been able to blog in 6 days which seems really crazy. 

The weekend before the 4th of July, my family all got together and went camping. We have family up from Arkansas for the holiday so it was really great to see them and hang out for a couple of days. We fished (caught nothing), chopped wood and ate all sorts of good food.

Then came Independence Day which was equally as fun! My family and I went to Cascade for the day to help my sister with her shaved ice business. We them watched the fireworks in Cascade that night. It was a really awesome show that they put on for the town. By the end of the night I was completely drained and hit the bed hard.

Last night we had one last goodbye dinner before our family went back to Arkansas. It was so great to see them one last time. Then in the middle of the night at 12 am, Montana got an earthquake. This thing hit the major cities in the state. Montana is a huge state and we don’t get earthquakes so to be woken up in the middle of the night by one was pretty weird. Everyone took to social media to find where people were affected and it was crazy to see who was woken up by it and who wasn’t. All in all it was a pretty strange night for the state of Montana.

Well, I think I have caught you guys up on my past week of craziness. Thanks for reading! If you want to keep up with My Life in the 406, please follow me!



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