KKW Beauty

I just got my KKW Beauty Contour and Highlight Kit in the mail! Of course I had to immediately use it to test it out and then to share with you my thoughts on it. First of all, the packaging is great, from the label to the inside of the box, it’s all very Kim.19621734_10213758317901519_339966460_n

I ordered the light kit to match my skin tone so that is the one show in the photos. When Kim created the kits, she created four different colors; light, medium, dark and deep dark. 19621522_10213758317101499_272363054_n.jpg

Before applying the contour, I applied lotion, primed, applied my own foundation, and eye makeup.

The kit came with a “how to” sheet to know how to apply the contour and highlight, and there are videos on the KKW Beauty website as well. I watched the video Kim created just to see if I could learn anything new about contouring. After I finished it, this is look I created.

I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Like all new products I try, it takes a minute to get the hang of it. You know what I mean, how much pressure to apply, how to hold it, and how the product itself works.

This product blends really well and the brush that comes with the kit works amazing. The sponge on the other hand isn’t my favorite. I think it is just because it is smaller than the one I am used to using, so it may just take some time to get used to but I kept scraping off the makeup I was trying to blend, but with time it will be easier to use.

It is a very creamy product though and so far I really enjoy it. I want to compare both this contour kit and the contour product I use from Tarte Cosmetics to see which one I like more, do a little side-by-side contour to compare. But as of now, I definitely recommend it!



6 thoughts on “KKW Beauty

  1. I love contouring. But I can be glued to the brand Anastasia the majority of the time. I’ve tried Tyra Beauty’s contour and highlight sticks and they were “ok” but the price made it not worth while… was the price worth the try??


    1. I think so, the entire kit was $48 and with that you get a light and darker contour color, a matte highlight and a shimmer highlight as well as the brush and sponge, so that in itself is pretty nice. And the product works really well. It applies nicely and blends so easily.

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