Another Bozeman Adventure

This weekend I ran away to Bozeman for the weekend for another great adventure. This past week was my friend Ashley’s birthday so my friends and I planned a surprise party for her. So I went to Bozeman for the weekend to celebrate with her and to see some other people I haven’t seen in a while. 

The first day there, I hung out with my friend Shanna and we went to Shakespeare in the Park together. The next day was the “Rock This City” volunteer event through our church and my sister and I went around to all the different volunteer locations to serve and for my sister to take photos of the day. It was amazing to go around Bozeman to help the Community Cafe, Sacks thrift store, the Warming Center and Reach.

At each location we helped them in any way needed and spent about two hours at each location, it was a long day but was so rewarding. It was also amazing to be a part of something bigger than myself. All across the state of Montana in the locations of our church people were at different volunteer locations doing the same great work that we were doing in Bozeman.

My sister, friend Shanna and I then hiked later that night. It was a very cold night for June in Montana but it was fun. Sprinting up the mountain to catch the sunset wasn’t fun, but I’m looking past that.

Saturday was the day of the surprise party, we got all of our food and drinks together and waited for Ashley to show up. Once she did, the party began. We played yard games and hung out all night long. It was a great night.

The weekend ended with a morning at church and then I headed back home, completely exhausted. It was a jam-packed weekend but was so fun and I am hoping to visit again soon.



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