Relationship Goals

I have typed a handful of different starts to this blog post but I am having a hard time thinking of something clever to say, so ill just jump in. A lot of the time when I am seeing family I haven’t seen in a while, or even with family I see all of the time I get the same questions to me, “How are you still single?” or “Why aren’t you dating anyone.” I want to use this time to explain myself, not that I need to, but I want people to know me and my life.

I am and always will be in a relationship with Jesus. I believe that this relationship is the most important one I will ever be in and that relationship with be a part of my life forever. While relationships with people are also important, friends and family will come and go but Jesus will never leave me.

This relationship is just like all other kinds of relationships there are in the world. This relationships takes time and dedication. It grows with communication and though I know Jesus is always with me, I feel him more when I constantly talk to him. I also know that in His time I will meet somebody that is so wonderful for me. Someone that will love Jesus more than he would love me, but that is how it should be. I want to share my life with someone with Jesus at the center of the relationship.

That is what I am waiting and praying for. I could go on dates with different people to see if something is there, but I want to meet someone who has the same values as me. If I don’t think that a relationship is going to happen with a person, I don’t peruse it any longer. My Pastors wife shared a message with our church a while back on “being the one your one is looking for.” It was a powerful message that changed the way I look at dating and relationships. I recommend you watch it if you are needing guidance in your dating life.

In the future it would be so great to be with a man who is in love with Jesus and that helps me grow with Jesus, and I am looking forward to that. But until then I am working on my relationship with Jesus and I want that relationship to be what people view as relationship goals.



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