Our Amazing Opportunity

At the beginning of May, just two days after I moved back home, my dad got a very surprising phone call. Our family was recommended by people in our community for a ranch visit and round table talk when the Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue came to Great Falls. There was an Ag Summit event happening in Great Falls, hosted by Steve Daines, and that is why Sonny Perdue was coming to town in the first place. We as a family were so shocked and so honored to have this wonderful opportunity.

When we got the phone call, I was in tears. My dad and I were heading out to go fix some fence and there I am in the passenger seat bawling my eyes out. It was just so amazing to see all the years of hard work that my grandpa put into this ranch, building it from the ground up, being recognized. And knowing how hard my dad works every single day, yes even on holidays, and that other people in the community see it too.

My dad worked with the staff members at Steve Daines office in Great Falls to get all the details worked out for the day of the ranch visit. After chatting with them and knowing the details of all that would be happening, we had a lot to do in a short amount of time.

As the days got closer, we got more and more excited. Two days before the event, secret service members come out to our house to survey the land and get an idea of the layout of everything. It was a lot more laid back then we thought, but having secret service at your house is still pretty crazy.

Then the day came. We anxiously waited the arrival of the Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, Senator Steve Daines and Senator Pat Roberts. The tent was set up, our dogs were locked away, and we were dressed and ready to go. When they arrived my family and I met them as they pulled up the drive way. After our welcome, the round table discussion started. I have the articles here and here written by the Billings Gazette about all that was talked about during the round table.

It was a great afternoon filled with great conversation and to be part of it was an amazing opportunity. I am so thankful for all my grandparents built for our family and that I get to live in a home that is the definition of the American Dream.



Photos courtesy of Larry Mayer of Billings Gazette, Sonny Perdue’s staff members and the one directley above is by me


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