A Letter to Smokers


When you see this photo, what do you see? Do you see a little girl who is playing with her doll? Do you see a little girl who is playing “doctor?” Do you see a little girl with a very active imagination?

I’ll tell you what is actually happening in this photo.

Last night I went into my little cousins bedroom while she showed me her new Easter dress. While in there I saw her baby doll laying on her floor. I asked her if her baby was sick and she told me that her baby had Cystic Fibrosis just like she has and that her baby was getting ready for surgery. She told me how she dressed her doll in “hospital” clothes and had taken wax paper to be in place of the “hygiene” paper in doctors offices.

(If you don’t know what Cystic Fibrosis is, please click here to learn all about it)

This broke my heart. For me to see my 10-year-old cousin, who is hands down the sweetest little girl I know, being as sick as she is.  My cousin didn’t choose to be sick, she was born sick and will live the rest of her life sick. She wakes up and does therapy to help her lungs and before bed does the same therapy. In no way does she let this hold her back in any way. If you saw her, you would have no idea she was sick. She is a very active kid. She plays basketball, soccer and tennis and is very good at each of them.

Then I see healthy people, with healthy lungs abuse them, take advantage of them and slowly kill their own lungs. If you are a smoker, or smoke anything, I struggle with understanding why. I understand that it becomes an addiction, so why start in the first place when you know the outcome? There are so many people in the world that were born with sick lungs and they live shorter lives because of it and here you are taking advantage of the fact that God made you perfectly healthy.

I won’t apologize for this rant. I felt so strongly about this after seeing that doll that I needed to get it off my chest and make a point to all smokers so that hopefully they will stop before they completely kill their own lungs. And I pray for those who currently smoke, that they would find the strength to stop. 

Thank you for listening.



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