Life’s a Climb, But the View is Great.

Montana is kind of funny place to live. More often than not, we get all four seasons in the same day, and if not all, then we at least get a couple of them. Today was one of those day.

Last night after a couple of my friends and I were hanging out we decided that we wanted to go hiking today. This morning (after a late night) only my sister and our friend Nolan and I were the only three to go. We went up to Hyalite to hike up to Grotto Falls. When we left Bozeman it was 44 degrees out, the start to a lovely spring day in Montana. When we got up to Hyalite, it was 33 degrees and had started to snow.  (I would now like you to google map search both Bozeman and Hyalite and you will understand how close they are). Now that you have an understanding of that, I can continue.

It was a beautiful day up there even though it was a little cold. We hiked up to Grotto Falls that was mostly frozen, in comparison to how it is in the summer. We took some fun photos, hugged some trees, crawled into an ice cave and played in the snow. It was a great was to get away from my projects for a while and enjoy what I love most, being with my friends and hiking of course. It was Darby and Nolan’s first time up there so that made it so much more fun!




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