Just Another Hyalite Adventure

This past week for me has been so hectic and busy. It’s midterms week and I had a very large project due and an exam. As I type this, I still need to study for a quiz I have later today. On top of all of that, I am also really sick. I think I got sick from being up at Hyalite last Friday. My friend Nolan had texted a bunch of us to go up there and have a bon fire.

It was the perfect way to get away from homework for a couple of hours. We went up around 5 that evening, built a fire, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. As the night progressed we met some other people up there, one person being a guy that did magic tricks for beer. I was actually blown away by them. He would have us pick a card, then put it in the deck, he would then take a card from the top of the pile and put it in my hand, that card would then turn into my card. I have no idea how he did it, with that being said, I was also drinking and could have been tricked, right before my eyes, and didn’t realize it.

After being up at Hyalite for a couple of hours, we went back to town and to our friends house where we played games and hung out. All in all it was such a great night that I will hold in my memories forever. 17160714_10212575277246242_709124629_n17160835_10212575277486248_2075608424_n17125306_10212575276766230_1005131381_n17161031_10212575277286243_654399231_nlovesj


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