Back to the Grind

Break is over and I am back to school and I am very excited to be in my last semester of college. May 6th really can’t get here fast enough.

This semester I am taking a Commercial Studio class, a Kitchen and Bath design class, a Proffesional Practices class, and a Digital Tech Lab class. I am very excited about these classes and can’t wait to see what I learn about both commercial and residential design.

I love being an interior designer for many reasons. Interior design is all around us. In our homes, in the grocery stores we buy our milk, in the mall where we buy our favorite clothes, the library where we rent our books. It’s all around us.

I want to take this time to briefly inform you all of how in depth of a process interior design is. I want you to imagine your favorite store. Imagine what you see when you walk in. Imagine the flooring type. Does the flooring change at all? Can you picture the ceiling. What kind of lighting is in the store? Is the lighting aimed at anything specific? Is there an accent wall that could be painted a different color or a different material is used? Is that wall drawing you in to see a certain product?

These are all parts of interior design that draw you into a space. Interior design is a lot more than what you see on TV. Though I want to work in residential interior design, I love the effect of commercial interior design. There are so many different types of commercial design, that the possibilities are endless!

Well I need to get back to working on some homework, but I hope this small tidbit helps you understand all parts of interior design.



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