My Sister Hooked Me Up.

This year for Christmas my sister hooked me up with some awesome new makeup! I had asked for one thing and she gave me more than I was expecting!

First I got the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Makeup Brushes! I was so excited to get them because I love the “Beach Goddess” palette and I love it so I wanted to use more of her products. They are great brushes and they feel so soft on my face, I love them!


Also from Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale I got the “Illuminating Shimmer.” I am excited to try out this new product and want to continue to try out more from the “Illuminate” line. I actually tweeted to Ashley Tisdale (from my personal account) about her “Beach Goddess” palette and the there needed to be a bronzer and blush pallet separate from the other pallets. I am hoping to see one coming soon!


I also got some great new liquid lipsticks and lip glosses from Stila and I am pretty excited about them. My sister and I own so many lipsticks so I am happy to be adding to the collection!

I am happy I was able to share with you all some of my new and favorite products!



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