Gilmore Girls Reading List

If you are like most basic white girls, you love “Gilmore Girls.” I can honestly and shamelessly say I have watched the entire series at least three times and watch random episodes on TV whenever I see them. I also just recently finished watching  “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”and though I was slightly disappointed in the ending, I was happy to be able to watch new episodes of “Gilmore Girls.” 

Now for the reason for this post. I have watched many episodes of this show. There are 153 episodes in total (based on a recent google search) and I have watched each episode at least 3 times and then some. SO… I have witnessed the multiple books that have come through and been mentioned in the show and this sparked something in me. I want to read the “Gilmore Girls” book list.

I just googled “Gilmore Girls book list” and a list that is just over 300 books long came up. I shouldn’t be as shocked as I am but I assumed at 153 episodes the list could only be about 150 books long. Boy was I wrong. But either way, I want to read this list of books. I am completely aware that this list will take a long time to accomplished but I think it will be fun to do and hey, maybe ill even learn something.

So i think I will be staring this journey soon. I don’t know what ill start with but I will look at the list tonight and keep you all posted on my Instagram @mylifeinthe406  on what I start with. Either way, I am excited!



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