Semester Long Final Projects

This semester has been a little hectic for me, I am not going to sugar coat it. I have had a project due almost every week of the semester, not a whole lot of free time, and haven’t been able to see my friends as often as I would have like (except for Ash and Mad because I was lucky enough to be able to have lunch with them Monday – Thursday). That is because all semester I have been working on two very big and very important projects that I am excited to tell you all about.

Project #1. Modern on the Mountainside

For my Residential Studio 1 project we as a class we were given a really unique semester long project. This project involved us being broken into groups and each group was given a client. Even though some of us had the same client, we each had our own individual projects. We were also given a home to work with that would be the home we remodeled for our client. The home was our professors actual home so we as a class were able to go to her home and find out all the details of the house itself.

Then the remodel began. After talking with my client and finding out her tastes and styles, the concept I came up with for the project was “Modern on the Mountainside.” I wanted to add natural stone in both rustic and modern ways throughout the home while keeping the other pieces of the home more rustic and natural looking. After 16 long weeks and many revisions, this was my final project.

Project #2. Rich in History, Rich in Flavor

This semester I took an Environmental Design Studio class. The semester long project we had as a class was an adaptive reuse project of an old building in Virginia and was LEED certified. (Here is information on what LEED is) The program was to make this building into a test kitchen for a product of our choice. This building would also have two apartments with three rooms in each as well as other residential essentials.

My product was locally made ice cream in Virginia and I wanted my design to have white and cream colors as well as bright colors that together represented ice cream. This project was challenging for me but I had a great time with my design.


Thanks for checking out my projects this semester!



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